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The First official Mangelsdorf-Collett holiday!

Glen and I are taking our children, Liv and James, over to Europe in May/June 2020 so that we can celebrate with our families and friends over there who cannot be with us on the day. We will spend time in England and Holland, as well as Ireland (to celebrate the wedding of dear friends).

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Accommodation in an AirBNB in Guisborough UK
One night's accommodation in Guisborough, Glen's home town in the UK.

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Accommodation in Portadown, Northern Ireland
We are travelling for a few days to Northern Ireland on our trip to attend the wedding of our dear friends.
$75.00 Bought
Accommodation in Amsterdam
We are spending some time in Amsterdam to celebrate with Simone's family there. While we will be staying with family for a little bit we will be based in the city
$75.00 Bought
Accommodation in Singapore
Glen and I have decided to break the trip back (and hopefully get James into a normal sleeping pattern again) with a few days in Singapore!

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Airbnb in Edinburgh
Although we would love to stay at Edinburgh Castle or Holyroodhouse, an airbnb will do just as well we suspect!

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Accommodation in an AirBNB in Belfast
Gotta stay in Belfast to enjoy the GOT scenery and to drink a Guinness or two!
$100.00 Bought
Car Hire
One day of car hire
The thought of navigating the roundabouts in England makes Simone queasy so glen will be taking on that challenge! She will be on “British heritage” sign spotting duty whilst selecting audiobooks for the ride!

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Fun stuff!
Family Entry to Jorvik Viking Centre
I went to Jorvik when I was four and cannot wait to take James to this place!
$80.00 Bought
York and Beyond Pass
We hope to do some sightseeing whilst we are around - I'm keen on the castles, Glen is keen on the trains and breweries - and well, Liv and James are coming along for the ride!

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A day out in Whitby
Glen is keen to show me Whitby - home to the best fish and chips apparently - as well as being famous for Whitby Abbey and some of the scenes from Bram Stoker's Dracula
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A day out in Harrogate
We will spend a day in Harrogate to visit with some of Simone's family there - along the way we want to take in sights such as How Stean Gorge, Mother Shipton's cave and possible a cream tea.
$80.00 Bought
Entry to the Rijksmuseum
The museum's impressive collection includes some seven million works of art, among them more than 5,000 important paintings spread across 250 rooms of this sprawling building.
$30.00 Bought
Entrance for the family to the Anne Frank Museum
$55.00 Bought
Canal tour of Amsterdam
One of my fondest memories of Amsterdam was touring on the canals - and what better way to introduce the city to Liv and James? This ticket will be for the four of us
$100.00 Bought
Ouwehand Dierenpark (a zoo!)
No trip with a 6 year old is complete without a visit to a zoo. In this case his mother is just as excited about visiting the polar bears and pandas at this zoo! This is for the four of us to visit.
$120.00 Bought
Entry to S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore
The heat of Singapore can only be beaten with some time in air-conditioning! This will allow Glen, James and I to enjoy the marine life on Sentosa Island.
$110.00 Bought
Day entry to Universal Studios Singapore
Glen is super keen to visit and Simone loves the studio tours. Let’s hope that James will brave some of the rides otherwise we will be doing a lot of waiting around!

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Park Hopper pass at Singapore Zoo
This includes a multi zoo pass for us to visit Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari and the Bird Park

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Family entry to Edinburgh Castle
$120.00 Bought
Family pass to Kasteel de Haar
Simone visited Kasteel de Haar each time she was in Holland as it is right near some of her family. She is looking forward to showing this to her new family.
$120.00 Bought
Tour of the Real Mary King's Close in Edinburgh
Simone loves her history - and this sounds fantastic! This tour will take the clan through Edinburgh’s only preserved 17th Century Underground Street. The Real Mary King’s Close is one of Scotland’s most unique historic sites.
$85.00 Bought
Entry to the Palace of Holyroodhouse
Home to Mary Queen of Scots in a past life, the visit to Edinburgh would not be complete without a visit to a royal palace. Simone can't wait to play tour guide and bore the others senseless with tales of Mary and the Tudor realm.
$100.00 Bought
Game of Thrones Location and Giant's Causeway Day Tour
Before we hit up an Irish wedding, we hope to do some sightseeing. Glen and I are huge Game of Thrones fans and can't wait to explore some of the sights. James has heard all about the Giant's Causeway - so this is a good chance to combine everything!

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Family trip to Madurodam
Madurodam was one of Simone's favourite things in Holland when she was a child - featuring all of the best of the dutch landscape in miniature, she hopes to share this with the family
$95.00 Bought
Train travel
A day of train travel in Holland
Trains are expensive! But so much fun.
$45.00 Bought
Europe flights
Flights from Edinburgh to Belfast
$80.00 Bought
Flights from Belfast to Amsterdam
$80.00 Bought
Buy Glen a beer (or three) at In de Wildeman
Glen raves about this place. On this trip he is determined to order in Dutch - and to share the beer with the rest of us (strictly lemonade for James of course). His favourite beer bar in Amsterdam.
$50.00 Bought
Buy Simone a Singapore Sling
Simone loves her gin, but she also loves her cocktails. Call her mad, but she has a vision of sitting on the top of the Marina Bay Sands drinking a Singapore Sling.
$20.00 Bought
Scotch Whiskey Tour in Edinburgh
Whilst Glen and Liv will enjoy drinking the whiskey, James and Simone will be hanging out for the non-alcoholic options at the end of the tour. Whilst in Scotland though! https://www.scotchwhiskyexperience.co.uk
$75.00 Bought
Food and dining out
Dinner at Pizza Express
Simone has a sad affection for this chain of pizza restaurants in the UK - so much so she visits them internationally. Put her out of her misery and buy the family dinner at the Teeside Pizza Express - garlic dough balls are a must!
$50.00 Bought
A cream tea at Gisborough Hall for the family
Cream Tea, High Tea, whatever you want to call it - if there are scones involved then the Mangelsdorf-Collett clan are there! Gisborough Hall offers a traditional afternoon tea - scones, finger sandwiches and plenty of strong tea.
$80.00 Bought
Dinner at "the best beer garden" in Edinburgh
A little birdie told us that The Blackbird is home to Edinburgh's best beer garden. Beer gardens normally keep Glen and Liv happy and provide space for James to run around. As long as she doesn't have to eat Haggis, Simone is happy too!
$100.00 Bought
Family dinner at De Wensput Pannekoeken restaurant
The Pannenkoeken & Poffertjesrestaurant De Wensput is one of Simone's all time favourite places to eat in Holland. Featuring dinner plate sized pancakes with apple and bacon - what more could you want? Help her introduce these delights to the clan
$50.00 Bought