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Jared and Ash's Wedding Registry

As we have been living together for many years, and are getting married overseas, we have not set up a traditional wedding registry.

We truly do not expect anything, and your presence at our wedding is more than we could ever ask for, but if you really really want to, we would very much appreciate a contribution to our honeymoon. We have planned our honeymoon for straight after the wedding - five days in Hawaii and then 16 nights cruising the South Pacific back to Sydney.

If you've visited any of the destinations, your suggestions for things to do or places to stay are very welcome indeed. We've deliberately left some of the items on our list vague so that you can select them and leave us your tips. And for those of you who would prefer to make a more general contribution unlinked to a specific part of our holiday, that's fantastic as well!

Just check the box next to any gifts you wish to purchase, then click the 'Purchase' button at the bottom of the page. All prices are in Australian dollars.

Questions? If you have any questions, please contact the event host.

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Back Home
One last night in Sydney before we get back to reality
Help contribute to one last night of luxury before we head home and back to reality.

[2 left]
Cruising the South Pacific
Ben and Jerry's
Daily helpings of Ben and Jerry's ice cream is sure to be a necessity after all of the lounging around on the boat!

[4 left]
Dinner at one of the FANCY restaurants
Spoil us with a romantic dinner at one of the specialised restaurants onboard the Rhapsody of the Seas.

[1 left]
Drinks on the Cruise
Of course swimming all day will make you thirsty - you can help with this!

[9 left]
What could be better than experiencing a relaxing massage while cruising through blue waters in the South Pacific?

[3 left]
Snorkeling Tour in Vanuatu for one of us
There are so many tours we can do when we stop in Vanuatu, but this one looks amazing!
$40.00 Bought
Snorkeling Tour in Vanuatu for the other :)
There are so many tours we can do when we stop in Vanuatu, but this one looks amazing!
$40.00 Bought
Waterfall Tour in New Caledonia
How amazing would it be to hike through beautiful palms and be able to swim under a waterfall? Paradise!
$70.00 Bought
Donation to a Fijian Charity
There are endless villages and schools in Fiji who would benefit from some help. We'll make sure any donations go towards a needy cause (or feel free to suggest one!)

[5 left]
Romantic Dinner (and Drinks)
One special dinner before the wedding, to help us de-stress before the big day!
$100.00 Bought
A special dinner at the best restaurant in Waikiki
If you have any suggestions for restaurants we can't miss, please let us know!

[2 left]
Accommodation at the Waikiki Beachcomber Resort
One of ten nights (5 nights for two people) at the Waikiki Beachcomber Resort - directly across from the beach and right in the middle of Waikiki!

[10 left]
Casual Lunch or Dinner
With such a short time in Hawaii, we don't want to waste time with bad food. Any suggestions for casual lunches or dinner would be great!

[6 left]
Cocktails in Coconut Shells
What would Hawaii be without drinking enormous cocktails out of funny cups?

[6 left]
Flights to get us there
As this will be Ash's longest flight ever, any hints or tips to help get through this will be happily received.

[10 left]
How can we go all the way to Hawaii and not experience an authentic luau???
$150.00 Bought
Pearl Harbour Tour
A tour that all visitors should do - Pearl Harbour.

[4 left]
We've been told that Hawaii has some of the best shopping ever - how could we not take advantage of that! Help us make the most of the bargains and suggest the best places for us to shop.

[1 left]
Sightseeing Tour
Can you suggest any other tours/activities/landmarks that we HAVE TO DO???

[4 left]