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L's 18th birthday

Hello all :)
I'm turning 18 and if you were thinking of getting me a birthday present ,
maybe reconsider and contribute to my Travel Fund instead.
Any contribution would help greatly, it doesn't have to be a lot to go a long way.

Thank you all for being apart of my adventures :))

Just check the box next to any gifts you wish to purchase, then click the 'Purchase' button at the bottom of the page. All prices are in Australian dollars.

Questions? If you have any questions, please contact the event host.

Gift Value Buy Gift
Travel insurance
Travel insurance
I wanted to get some travel insurance to ensure my safety abroad , i have most of the fund to cover it just need a little extra

[4 left]
Travel gear
Money belt

[1 left]

[1 left]
Hiking sock's
I am wanted to purchase these high quality hiking socks to make my travels a little more comfortable

[4 left]
Hiking top's
I want to buy these specially designed merino wool tops to that i am comfy on my travels

[3 left]
Camping equipment
I still have some essential to purchase, e.g. Camping tarp, cook where, sleeping bag liner

[2 left]
Travel journal
I would like to document my travels where possible and the book i am wanting had amazing pages too fill out and i really like the design

[1 left]
First aid kit and survival kit
I am wanting to buy a specially designed lightweight first and kit and survival kit that is essential for me to have when hiking by my self in case of an emergency.

[1 left]
Water proof pants
I still need to buy these specially designed pants for hiking in wetter climates

[1 left]
Travel Money
England 240 attractions pass
All over england there are Museums that i am wanting to visit , but just need some extra funding for these extra activities

[1 left]
Train/ Buss tickets
I am running low on cash for spontaneous travel, i am planning to walk most of my way around but do want to take a couple of train and buss rides when i get tired of walking

[10 left]
Sleeping/ Camping money
I have most of my camping places sorted but am slight short on cash for some of the sites , any contribution would help greatly

[10 left]