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Steve & Janine's Honeymoon

Steve & Janine's Honeymoon - Honeymoon registry Cocos & Christmas Island As we have been together for many years now, there are no consumer items that we need. If you feel the urge to give us something to commemorate this time and our formal union - then a contribution to our Honeymoon forays would be a real treat for us, and something we would hugely appreciate.

Our Honeymoon will be a trip to Cocos & Christmas Islands. We think it will be a fantastic experience for the three of us (Yes, Sidney is coming on our honeymoon) - full of naturalist explorations & watersports. Sidney will be most happy swimming in warm ocean waters and throwing rocks...all day long!

We are going to go snorkelling, windsurfing, SUPing, bird watching, throwing rocks and visiting Australia's only Muslim majority Island - Home Island.

This is a part of the world we've been keen to visit for a few years now. Any contributions to our Honeymoon will be the best present you could give us.

Whether its a nights accomodation, a sunset drink, or a glass bottom boat tour, or a day of car hire - we will send you a picture from our Honeymoon to show you how we enjoyed your gift!

Thank you kindly, Janine & Steve

Just check the box next to any gifts you wish to purchase, then click the 'Purchase' button at the bottom of the page. All prices are in Australian dollars.

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Accomodation - Christmas Island
7 nights accomodation at Christmas Island.

You can contribute any amount to this gift.

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Accomodation - Cocos Island
7 nights accomodation "Cocos Cottages" on Cocos Keeling Island.

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Motorised Outrigger Canoe Tour
Motorised Outrigger Canoe Tour
Whilst winding your way through the pristine waters of the lagoon immerse yourself in the diverse history of the islands. Snorkel, fish or just soak up the amazing scenery and ambience, whilst enjoying complimentry drinks and nibbles.
$105.00 Bought
Orientation Tour - Christmas Island
Discover the history, culture and activities available on Christmas Island. This tour explains many of the places of interest, suitable shopping and eating places, activities that are available during your stay and the history of settlement.
$130.00 Bought
Nature Tour - Christmas Island
Crabs, rainforest, birds – this tour probably encapsulates the very best of Christmas Island.
$85.00 Bought
Glass-bottom Boat Tour - Cocos Island
Glass-bottom boat for a tour of the lagoon at Cocos Island.
$90.00 Bought
Food & Drinks
Sunset Dinner - Christmas Island
Dinner out at Rumah Tinggi. Delicious local food, sweeping ocean views, palm trees and the glow of the sunset.
$100.00 Bought
Sunset Drinks
Sunset Drinks out at Rumah Tinggi. Set on a cliff in an historic 80 year old heritage listed building overlooking the Indian Ocean.
$50.00 Bought
Drinks at the 'Cocos Club'
The Cocos Club is a community club that is run to benefit its members but also doubles as the local watering hole on Cocos Island. We'd like to drop in for a chat with the locals, so feel free to shout us a cold beverage.
$50.00 Bought
Beach Garden Dinner - Cocos Island
Serve yourself from a delicious selection of ever-changing dishes at the Tropika Restaurant, then grab a bottle of wine and eat al fresco in the restaurant's beach garden.
$100.00 Bought
Hire Items
Stand Up Paddle Board
We'd sure to be doing a bit of SUPing when its not windy for windsurfing.
$60.00 Bought
4WD Car Hire
On both island we need to hire a 4WD to get around.

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