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Honeymoon adventures in Greece and Cyprus

Hello dear friends! We hope you can celebrate our wedding with us.
Thanks for visiting here. There's not much that Tamsin & I need, but we love adventure, and we hope our first big overseas trip together, will be our honeymoon to Greece and Cyprus.
Greece is where my family is from, and where most of my relatives live. It holds the wonder and joy of beautiful hospitality, connection to origins, a journey into ancient history and lots of outdoor fun in its stunning beaches, lagoons, mountains, gorges and cycling trails.
There's no expectation of a wedding gift.
But if you wish to, and can't think of what we may need, this travel registry is a way to contribute to our honeymoon. We're pretty excited about it, and will need to wait till mid next year before we set off.
This is a snap shot of our adventures, should you wish to contribute an offerring.
With gratitude.

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The big flight between Melbourne and Athens
This is the big one. Help us get to Athens and back.

[19 left]
The flight from Athens to Crete
The township and villages of Chania is where George's relatives are on his dad's side. It is a stunning port city, surrounded by rocky mountains and coastline.

[6 left]
Flying across from Crete to Cyprus
Flying east from Crete takes us to Cyprus

[4 left]
Cyprus to Athens

[8 left]
We don't want to impose on relatives, and so help with accommodation is much appreciated.

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Outdoor Fun
Hiking Samaria Gorge (and boat trip to get us back)
Samaria Gorge is an 18km trek through the White Mountains in Crete. A bushwalkers heaven finishing on Crete's rugged west coast. Need a boat trip and bus ride, to get us back!
$80.00 Bought
Bike hire in Crete
Panormos in Crete is a cyclists delight - gorges, mountains, olive groves, quiet gravel roads
$50.00 Bought
Cycling in Cyprus
We love adventures on bikes!
$50.00 Bought
Tour of the Caves of Dirou
The Caves of Dirou are one of the largest cave systems in Europe. This tour takes us deep into these spectacular caves.

[3 left]
Snorkling in the Blue Lagoon
This is our idea of paradise. Hiring snorkeling gear to explore the crystal clear waters and marine life of the Blue Lagoon in Cyprus.
$50.00 Bought
Cape Greco
A day of beautiful nature trails, stunning sea views, exploring sea caves in Cape Greco in Cyprus

[3 left]
Avakus Gorge
A trek through the limestone crevices of Avakas Gorge in Cyprus. Magnificent rock formations, beautiful flora nd fauna & we love working up a sweat!
$30.00 Bought
Day trip to the Island of Spinalonga
A short ferry trip from Crete takes us to the Island of Spinalonga, rich in history where a fabulous day awaits us.
$40.00 Bought
Epidaurus theatre
A night of theatre, at the ancient UNESCO listed Epidaurus Theatre

[4 left]
Ancient Greece
The Acropolis, Corinth, Olympia. We promise to read up on our ancient history before visiting these places.

[8 left]
A night on the town!
Tamsin doesn't need much encouragement to frock up and hit a dancefloor. Greek music, dancing & a cheeky ouzo.
$50.00 Bought
Car hire
Getting around
Car hire gives us maximum flexibility to visit the relatives as and have our own little adventures

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