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Mathew Burke Celebrates 40

Mathew Burke has hit a milestone of a birthday.

His birthday is 5 January, but most of you are away that time of year, so he has picked a mid-year weekend hopefully you can join him, raise a glass and celebrate!

Your presence at Mat's party is the best present. Should you wish contribute to his birthday present, Mat would be delighted if you contributed to his once-in-a-lifetime trip to Alaska and California with his two sons later this year.

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The salmon are due to be jumping in July. This means a chance to see the fishing bears at Brooks Camp. He is keen to see the bears, not be eaten by them.

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This has been on his wish list for some time. It's not about what he catches, but how big the story gets! He would like to rent waders and equipment in Alaska.

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The Dodgers and Angels are playing a series whilst he is in California, take Mat out to the ball game.

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Harry Potter World
Mat has read all the books and seen every film - sort him into Gryffindor!

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Disney Land and the Death Star
Hard to believe there is a Death Star at Disney Land, but it's true. All of it. Except for the part about the midiclorians.

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