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Patrick and Christina's Honeymoon

To all of those that know us, we like to do things a little different and our honeymoon will be no exception. Seeing as neither of us can sit still for too long, our first holiday as husband and wife will involve two epic hikes; Mt Everest Base Camp and Mt Kilimanjaro.

From the bottom of our hearts we truly appreciate the effort you have gone to just to join us on this special day however if you do wish to give a gift please know that no gift is too big or small.

Keeping in line with our modern theme we have invested in a honeymoon registry, as the two of us already have all of the crockery we need. We believe this adds more of a personal touch to our wedding than a wishing well and gives you an opportunity to help us galavant around the world!

Just check the box next to any gifts you wish to purchase, then click the 'Purchase' button at the bottom of the page. All prices are in Australian dollars.

Questions? If you have any questions, please contact the event host.

Gift Value Buy Gift
Mt Everest Base Camp
Flights for the two of us from Nepal (Mt Everest) to Tanzania (Mt Kilimanjaro)

[10 left]
Flights for both of us from Brisbane to Nepal (Mt Everest Base Camp)

[18 left]
Guided trek
Cost for the guided trek up to Mt Everest Base camp for both of us

[17 left]
Mt Kilimanjaro
Flights for the both of us from Tanzania (Mt Kilimanjaro) back home to Brisbane

[26 left]
Guided trek
Guided trek for the both of us up Mt Kilimanjaro

[34 left]
A safari trip in the Serengeti

[25 left]